Monday, February 1, 2010

Divine Buddha Soup In Best Broth! or Justin Amuses Woman With Umbrella

I don't have any pictures today, but that's probably for the best. I have a lot of ground to cover.

Yesterday I went to choir practice after church and it was awesome! It felt good to do something, to be a part of something, just because I wanted to. I realized that I just don't have enough things to do outside of Balloons Made Art and the kids. It was slowly driving me insane. Now that I'm quilting again and am in the choir at church I'm starting to feel a little more like a person with a purpose. The kids are a purpose, I know, but not one where I always feel very motivated or appreciated. You who have kids know what I mean here.

Today Justin took me out on a date for my birthday.1 First we went to this Dim Sum place on Sandy. What we got was really good for the most part, but we didn't get the chicken feet on broccoli or the duck liver pudding or whatever. Sadly, we also passed on the Divine Buddha Soup In Best Broth2, but that may have been a mistake. We decided not to eat the really large fish in the tank next to the crabs, either. It looked lethargic.

After that we went over to Powell's for some sweet browsing. We nearly bought a calendar featuring Australia for two dollars but then thought better of it. We discovered that David Farland3 sometimes has the same illustrator as Robert Jordan.4 The most exciting thing that happened was when we were fighting over who got to put the next nickel into the meter and Justin scrambled around me, slipped, and fell on his butt. In the rain. The lady walking by laughed at us.5

My sister watched the kids for us, which was super nice -- thanks, Xandie!6 We had a really good time. Now I just have a root canal to look forward to in the morning.

1Which is a little later this week, not today.
2Don't quote me -- it was called something amazing like that.
3Read: Dave Wolverton.
4And all of these covers look hokey.
5Like she's never done that. Okay, maybe she hasn't.
6I'm using your real name because a) you're an adult, and b) you hate your middle name and probably don't want me sharing it with the world.


  1. Hey thanks for not sharing my middle name with the world I do hate it so even though it was good for grandma's first name. But I would much rather not have the whole world know it. I was teased enough as a kid for it. I am really glad that you both had a nice time going out. I am glad that I could help out. Good luck with your root canal today. Love ya, Xandie

  2. Mel, it is so refreshing to hear you being excited about life. Too many people are down in the dumps. I'm glad for the happy things in your life. :)

  3. I'm glad that you are getting to go to choir. You have such a nice voice, you will surely be an asset.