Monday, February 22, 2010

In Which I Use a Lot of Exclaimation Points!

Hey guys, I need to post more often! Oh, well.
I've had some great times this last week that I can summarize for you. I know you're eagerly anticipating this, so I'll dive right in.
First, I've been drinking water and exercising like a fiend and I feel Awesome!1 Today I did 125 couch pushups and walked down to Spicer Brothers and back!2 On the way back we passed several interesting people, one of whom was drunk and swerved3 around Atticus. Another was a smoker who told Atticus to never touch a cigarette. And he almost ran over a laughing woman and her date. All in all, very eventful!
Church was awesome yesterday. I've been called to be a Relief Society teacher!4 I'm so happy! I'm gonna whip those guys into a frenzy!5 And I'm still loving choir. And I finally got visit taught for the first time since Utah, which is beyond great! You guys, I'm making friends in my ward -- finally!
You might be interested to hear how Lent is going. I'm still up to date on my reading and I totally went kinda crazy with chocolate yesterday. Mmm. I made up for it today with a yummy cucumber sandwich.
This last picture is from a walk we went on the other day. It was almost dark and I turned off my flash anyway. I'm glad I did -- these pictures were awesome in a totally surreal way.

1Don't fail to notice the capital "A".
2I cheated and took the elevator back up. For those of you who don't know, it's a killer hill and none too short.
3I honestly can't think of a better word for the way he moved. To be fair, Atticus and his scooter were taking up a large amount of the sidewalk.
4I did mention that it was my favorite calling a few times to the people making the decisions. That may have helped.
5Umm, reverently, of course.


  1. So slightly unrelated question, is the same bag lady that used to walk up and down Molalla still around?

    Wow, 125 bench pushups? Yesterday I did 17 girly pushups in all.

  2. Who's Cormack? Where was your son, Atticus? ;-)

  3. Yeah, I thought it was some other kid for awhile there and then remembered it was actually Atticus. It was pretty late when I posted this.

    I haven't seen the bag lady since being back down here, but we usually don't take Molalla up into town, so that doesn't mean much. And I am really proud of myself about the pushups. They're coming very easily, but I think it's because the rate of increase is higher when you're doing an easier kind. Does that make sense? Justin thinks I'll be doing a max of 100 within the week. When that happens I'm going to restart the program doing knee pushups like you're doing. I thought about switching now, but I want to reach my goal and feel good about it, even if it is k of a wimpy accomplishment. :)

  4. Any time you reach a goal it is NOT a wimpy accomplishment. You're doing so great.
    I love that you're a R.S. teacher again. You were so great at it in Wymount. I loved your lessons.

  5. Hi, I wandered over from FMH because I appreciated one of your comments.

    Yay for RS teaching! That's my favorite calling to date. I would be interested on hearing your perspective and strategy on teaching the Principles manual.

  6. Well, thanks for coming by! Once I've taught a lesson or two I'll be sure to come back and post about it or comment here. Right now I'm planning to do it much like I did the JS manual -- say something thought provoking and make everyone comment a lot. Generate interesting discussion. We'll see how that goes!