Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book of Mormon Reading Schedule For Lent

Okay -- here's the reading schedule. It's approximately evenly spread out (I rounded to help it end in nice places where possible). The deadlines are all on Sundays for two reasons: first, it ends on Easter this way, and second, Sundays tend to be good days for catching up on reading if you're behind (and you can eat chocolate while doing so!).

Feb. 21 -- 2nd Nephi
Feb. 28 -- Enos
Mar. 7 -- Alma
Mar. 14 -- Alma 33 (about 80 pages in 33 chapters here!)
Mar. 21 -- Helaman
Mar. 28 -- 3 Nephi 21
Apr. 4 -- Easter!

If you do get behind one week, don't let it stop you! We can do this, guys! I'm gonna go make a Facebook group now.


  1. Are these starting or ending points? In other words, do I need to be starting 2nd Nephi on the 21st or finishing it?

  2. I don't know cuz I didn't make it, but it looks like starting points to me. Cuz otherwise you'd do all of first and second nephi in week one, and only do Jacob and enos in week two.

  3. Mel, I think this is a great idea! I seriously thought about it, but my main concern is that I teach gospel doctrine a couple times during lent and I have to spend a lot of time preparing for the weeks I teach. You motivated me to make an aggressive Book of Mormon reading goal for myself though. Thanks!

  4. Sorry I didn't make that clearer. It means that by this Sunday you should be right at the start of 2nd Nephi.

  5. I'll be joining you Mel! I've needed to start reading the Book of Mormon again, I haven't really read it a whole lot this year yet. Thanks for the motivation!