Monday, February 15, 2010

Updates: Potty Training and Lent

Remember how I said we were going to visit family yesterday? It went better than I'd expected it to. Atticus had one accident1, but other than that did really well. Today he's doing well, too. We've had to go out today, so he's had a pull-up for those times. I wish we could be a little more dedicated about this. I'm glad that he's still going in the potty even though it isn't full time. I feel like we're making progress that isn't going to go backwards here, and that's a huge relief. He's even telling me when he needs to go sometimes now!

Last night when we got home and put Atticus to bed we had a little Valentine's celebration. We had hot chocolate and cookies2 and watched Music and Lyrics. We had a fun time. The previews especially looked like good candidates for Making Fun Of Terrible Movies Night. We try to have one of those like once a week or so.

Only a little over a day until Lent! I think I'll draw up some reading benchmarks for each week to help myself not get behind. Thanks for the encouragement, guys, and I'm glad you'll be reading with me, Shiroibara! Can I call you by your real name or is it a secret? And there's nothing too special to know about how to do this. Just no chocolate except on Sundays and read the Book of Mormon by the end of Lent, meaning Easter. To find out more about the history of Lent or how different people decide to ovserve it, there's lots of info online. I think the similarities between Lent and Ramadan are interesting, too.

Edit: I just saw that you're going to read with us, too, Kathryn! This is going to be awesome!

1Which was our fault, really. We didn't ask him if he needed to go often enough and I think he felt really awkward being somewhere other than home.
2Gotta appreicate it before Wednesday, right? Plus, I'm only letting myself eat dessert-stuff before bed once a week now, so now I've got some waiting to do before I get to do that again.


  1. Keep up the good work, James family.

  2. If you come up with a reading schedule thing, do you mind posting it?

  3. There's no secret about my name (it's Karen). And I'd love to see a schedule/checklist too. Does it count that I'm already in 2nd Nephi (I just recently returned to the BOM in my nightly scripture reading) or should I start over?

    Honestly, I think the dessert thing is going to be the hardest, though it's definitely the part I need the most.

    I'll post my progress on my blog as well And we could put together a Facebook group for it too if anyone else is interested?

  4. Count me in, too. I need the motivation to consistently read.

  5. I'm going to draw one up within the next couple hours and I'll post on here. And Karen, I don't think you need to start over unless you want to. It's totally your decision.

    Lalani, I'm glad you'll be reading with us, too! Maybe I should make a Facebook group for this!