Thursday, February 4, 2010

All about Esme

So my birthday was awesome! I slept in some, helped Justin clean up some,1 and had friends over for cake, ice cream, and chatting. I'm now officially mid twenties. Like, exactly.

Some of you haven't seen me in a very long time and haven't met Esme.2 For her real name, go check Facebook or e-mail me. 

She actually has two middle names -- one I picked and one that was traditional in Justin's family.3 Her second middle name is Marie.

She was born with that hair, believe it or not. It was 1 3/4 inches at birth, and this picture was taken that same day.

She was born with those gorgeous gray eyes, too, though they're hard to see well in pictures. We're crossing our fingers that they won't change. No naysaying, please -- I hear enough of it from perfect strangers. If I want to be hopeful, I can.

She's got the best smile ever, as I'm sure you can see.4 She's also been holding her head up since two months and standing from about the same time.5 She's actually a really easy, cheerful baby. I'm so glad! She also commonly sleeps for 6 hours or more at night -- something Atticus never did. I worry sometimes that I make her sound so much better than him, but she really is a much easier baby. I loved him lots, too, though.6

In other good news, I've joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. I'm really excited to finally meet other quilters in the area! Plus, Elizabeth from Oh, Frannson! is in it! Could this possibly get better? Yes. If there were free fabric involved it would be better.

And on the quilting note, I'm submitting Esme's quilt to a quilt show in March. It's going to be in Milwaukie and I'm pretty excited.7 I expect everyone who lives near here to go see it. Call me and I'll come with you!

Oh, and one more thing. For those of you who have been in suspense over the root canal I mentioned, it went fine. So did the fillings I got today. My face is still half numb, though, so it's a good thing for me that you all can't see me. Just imagine that picture in the top left there. There you go. That's what I look like.

1And had a mini-fight. No birthday is complete without getting angry at your spouse and then making up.
2I know it's important to be able to pronounce what you're reading even if it's in your head, and I know some of you probably don't know how to pronounce Esme. (I'm not talking to you, Nordquists.) It's ehz-may. If I were going to be super precise I would've used the accent mark, but here in America that would have been a curse. It's just a middle name, anyway.
3The compromise was that mine got to go first.
4Though you could say it's a bit drooly.
5With us helping in the balance department, of course. She's not THAT advanced.
6And still do. Quit worrying.
7And nervous. I'm not the best quilter and I think the quilting part looks terrible because my machine tension was flipping out. I'm secretly terrified that everyone will notice and think I'm a disgrace to quilters everywhere! I'll be shamed for life! Ahhhh! But I'm still submitting it.


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  2. First, Atticus = the coolest middle name ever.

    Second, if anyone ANYONE calls you a disgrace to quilting, I'll beat them up. What I've seen of your work, it's beautiful.

    I attempted tying a baby quilt once (ONCE!) and it was the most horrendous looking thing ever that I never finished it (it's probably still in my garage somewhere) I called off quilting forever!

  3. You have cute kids.
    I love that you put footnotes on your blog. It's so fun and Pratchett-esque.