Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rocks, Rivers, and Bare Feet

I think about posting sometimes, but I'm so tired lately. Really, really tired. But here goes. I thought I'd keep it simple to get myself to do it. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of months. I'll do this in a series. This first set is from a day when we took the kids to the river, obviously.

Here's Atticus hoarding rocks:

Posing (or maybe just pulling back for a throw):

Giving me a weird face:

And here he is after I told him to go get the mud off his hands. He did a pretty good job! I must admit, something about this pose makes me think of paintings of Christ I've seen. Maybe that's sacrilegious. Whatever.

Now it's Esme's turn. Here she is with Justin:

And here she is checking out the water. She looks kind of suspicious. She probably thinks it's a Communist.

And in this last one you can tell she was pretty much ready to go home. Also, she wanted me to know I was the worst person ever.


  1. That face she's making in the last picture is exactly the face Joshua has been making at me all day. Ugh.

  2. You of course mean Atticus and Esme right? It's good to see you on the blog again and we are excited to see you in July!

  3. Yeah, I went on and fixed it. I don't post often enough to remember what I'm doing . . .

    And the face is pretty awesome, right? It's one of those times where you feel bad for them but can't help but laugh because they're so cute. And then you feel bad for laughing. Her sad face gets even poutier sometimes when she's being talked to by someone she doesn't know when she's tired.

  4. I do love that picture of her looking at the water. What a great face. You capture great expressions.

  5. I love this post. The pictures are fun, and your writing keeps me chuckling. Atticus and Esme are beautiful.