Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My best day in a long time!

Today has been a really excellent day for me! First, I got to go hang out with some friends and work on the quilt I posted anout yesterday -- two things I haven't done in months! It felt so good to just be with other adults I know and like without having to worry about being a parent. It felt so liberating!

I made a lot more progress on the quilts than I thought I would. I got all of the squares sewn and I hope to be able to press the seams tonight once Atticus is in bed.1 I'll Wrap Esme up on my back and go. Speaking of ironing, I need to grab my board from Atticus' closet before he goes down.

After I got home I took the kids to the park and gave Justin a break.2 While I was there a few friends from the neighborhood were there with their kids, so I got to spend even more time talking to adults! We stayed there for quite a while. It was cold, but with everyone bundled up it wasn't too bad. One nice thing about wearing Esme is that we get to share body heat that way.

This evening has been pretty good -- Atticus has been listening and Esme's been happy and/or sleeping most of the time. I was required to play the part of the red truck who was friends with the three-car-train3 for about an hour. Overall, this has been head and shoulders above probably every day since we moved here.

I didn't take any pictures today, but here's one I like:

125 minutes and counting . . .

2He'd had them for hours at that point and the pacifier was lost. Very rough. Turned out it was in the couch.

3Always an engaging and strenuous role.


  1. So glad it was such a great day! Also, I love the footnotes. Makes me feel like I'm actually talking to you.
    If you want, you can follow the links in my profile to my blog. :)
    Take care!

  2. Thanks! I found your blog -- so cute! I subscribed.

  3. I really like that picture of your son. It seems to capture him quite accurately. And it was really nice to hang out.. I had a good time too.