Friday, January 29, 2010

Hummus, Bloodshed, and, Moda

Yesterday Justin, completely of his own accord and with absolutely no prompting from me, cleaned out the fridge! This is not the first time. He's starting to make me look bad here. It's kind of weird -- I think I can actually see everything that's in there just by looking. Look at how beautiful it is in there! Also, notice my hummus. You can see I'm very snooty. Also, since Justin gets credit for cleaning out the expired stuff, he also gets the blame for not wiping out the fridge. Don't look too carefully at the bottom shelf.

In other news, we finally got the paper cutter in the mail! By we I mean Balloons Made Art bought it for cutting business cards. It had great reviews on Amazon and now that we've used it we must agree -- it's pretty great. It obviously knows this, too. I mean, it's glowing red.1 I've never seen a paper cutter with an aura before. This one looks like it's thinking about bloodshed. Good thing for us it's not the guillotine kind, right?

I got out the fabric I'm using for my next quilt today. I know -- it's a little early. I'm excited. I've decided that I'm not doing a postage stamp wall hanging yet like I was planning -- that can be my next project.2 I'm going to use these gorgeous fabrics for a sweet circle quilt like this one. I'm nervous and really, really excited. I usually don't make quilts using only one line like this3, but I kinda don't want to pick out fabric right now. I know. I'm crazy.

1Though only on the box. I feel a little ripped off.
2You know, for after I finish the project I'm working on currently and this one I'm talking about now. I'm not obsessed, I promise.
3Garden Inspirations by Moda -- I got two layer cakes off of Ebay forever ago.


  1. If it were the guillotine kind of cutter the label would be spelled Personnel Trimmer...
    And mmm! hummus. My roommate just told me you can make hummus by taking a can of chickpeas and some olive oil and running it through a blender.

  2. Mel! I am so amazed by you! First of all, you've got so much talent with your quilts! That circle one seems really cool and your lights and darks on your lightning one turned out great. K, so that is not from a quilters perspective so take it for whatever, but I just have to tell you that I want to be this amazing when I'm graduated and have little ones!

  3. i love yams too :) so does my husband, but they are a lot of effort! congrats on baby number two! she's adorable! and... you're referring to cormac as atticus? nice. how was your second pregnancy by the way? i know it was a whole lot easier with evan than parker for me...

  4. I've been referring to the kids by their middle names on the blog for privacy since I'm leaving it public. Don't feel bad though; I laughed. Pretty soon it'll be buried and just be a random comment on a really old post.

    And really -- all I usually do with yams is cut them up, smear some butter, sprinkle some salt, and stick them in at 350 for however long it takes.

    And thanks -- I think she's adorable, too. I'll put cuter pictures of her up soon.

  5. You're the coolest person I've ever met. Can I be you just for one day? It would be really awesome. How's Cormac and who's your other one? (boy or girl?) I want to see some pics. Say hello to Justin.

  6. I love yams too (actually I never had a yam in my life, what everybody calls yams are actually sweet potatoes, and what everyone calls sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes that haven't aged to that yummy orangeness yet). Sorry, I'm such a nerd.

    On Thanksgiving, we had sweetpotatoes baking in the oven and forgot about them. I think they were in there for three hours.

    They didn't burn (because we just threw the whole things in there, didn't cut 'em up). Sliced it open, mixed up some butter and oh my goodness it was heaven! It had the texture of a creamy pie. It was so good! You should try it.

  7. Your quilting has inspired me! The fabric is beautiful, and I love how excited you are about it. I think I'm going to try a new hobby. One day. When I own my own sewing machine. Hmmm, my birthday is in June...